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are you getting off at the next station?Angela407
london is famous for its fogAngela376
how long will everyone be in japan for?Nolan305
i think it will be very dangerous for you to go there by yourselfNolan355
i will be going to tokyo tomorrowNolan553
i'm lookingNolan571
in my opinion, hopes and aspirations are not things we've had from the beginning. that is to say, they're like roads. there were no roads in the beginning, but as more people walked the earth they took form. ap472
drink poisonap415
shut the fuck upNolan3845
would you like to come with us?Nolan852
this book is so easy even we can read itap416
i cannot speak japanese, but i want to learnNolan471
break into a smileap412
why do you like me so much?ap1316
he can speak english better than frenchap469
please put on your skisap381
shall we play tennis in the park?ap602
it's starting to feel a lot like springap399
let's go pick strawberries tomorrowap468
the back of my head hurts, on the right sideap481
let's meet at asakusa tomorrow!ap420
i went abroad to study englishap348
i went out wearing a kimonoap394
to think badly ofadmin425
if you ask me ...admin380
extreme sadistadmin1030
extreme masochistadmin496
just likeadmin402
if one thinksadmin356
one can think that ...admin350
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