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my, what a delicious dish!ap591
that bag is full of applesap460
whatever brought that on?admin410
in what wayadmin444
it is conceivable that ...admin415
could even say thatadmin406
that calledadmin444
phrase used to indicate the inevitability of what follows itadmin449
if it were the case that ..., then certainlyadmin472
so that meansadmin494
that is to sayadmin486
even granted that ...admin387
even assuming that ...admin394
supposing that ...admin472
assuming that ...admin447
pointy hatadmin591
to act as mediatoradmin407
be that as it mayadmin396
water that has been used to wash riceadmin393
if not ... then what is it?admin368
literary form imparting the nuance of polite speechadmin304
what if i am ..?admin356
to act self-importantlyadmin302
literary form imparting a formal written nuanceadmin384
-te formadmin363
bustling activityadmin347
humming with activityadmin306
path or slope that becomes slowly steeperadmin295
what it all comes down toadmin319
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