Mr How To Say Ranks

These are the ranks and rights that come with them

Belt RankRightsHow to Achieve
Whitebelt User
Post, Translate, Comment, Make TranslationRegister
Greenbelt User
Rategain 20 points
Purplebelt User
No gaingain 50 points
Brownbelt User
Editgain 100 points
Blackbelt User
Add a Translationgain 250 points
Goldbelt User
Comment Deletiongain 1000 points

Rights gained from promotions are added onto your previous rights

Points can be gained by translating translation requests, adding translations, inserting a translation and also each time your translation receives likes / good Ratings. Likewise you will lose points if your translations gain dislikes / bad Ratings. User with accumulating dislikes can be at risk of getting banned!

alright then, lets Register!
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