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thursday is so longNolan Ritchie348
an eyesoreNolan Ritchie440
drowning in alcoholNolan Ritchie382
right at that timeNolan Ritchie312
from early in the morningNolan Ritchie316
i was invitedNolan Ritchie334
the test is overNolan Ritchie390
i'm auditioningNolan Ritchie315
i'll send you the picturesNolan Ritchie1628
I am a studentNolan Ritchie439
i'm going out to eatNolan Ritchie808
jumping to a wrong conclusionNolan Ritchie471
deeply jealousNolan Ritchie306
helping one anotherNolan Ritchie212
townscapeNolan Ritchie164
a bright futureNolan Ritchie192
that hurtNolan Ritchie214
insufficient explanationNolan Ritchie270
i want to go homeNolan Ritchie258
i want to drink beerNolan Ritchie1326
friendlyNolan Ritchie420
a new environmentNolan Ritchie175
a wide outlookNolan Ritchie243
i want you to kiss meNolan Ritchie310
whites of the eyesNolan Ritchie137
a very good friendNolan Ritchie200
I can't imagineNolan Ritchie323
i waved my handNolan Ritchie201
we crossed pathsNolan Ritchie186
to yield to temptationNolan Ritchie225
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