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I can't imagineNolan Ritchie582
i waved my handNolan Ritchie424
we crossed pathsNolan Ritchie425
to yield to temptationNolan Ritchie534
we happened to pass byNolan Ritchie967
pick up speedNolan Ritchie358
i was amazedNolan Ritchie388
puppy loveNolan Ritchie904
we just can't seem to meetNolan Ritchie410
it will be in the newspaperNolan Ritchie429
i am not pleased with itNolan Ritchie409
i had surgeryNolan Ritchie2417
do not yield to temptationNolan Ritchie447
i took a lessonNolan Ritchie406
once a weekNolan Ritchie790
a present from my friendNolan Ritchie357
peel off the stickerNolan Ritchie1010
i have a little brotherNolan Ritchie843
be careful, it's hot outsideNolan Ritchie1220
i can't hearNolan Ritchie437
easy to singNolan Ritchie369
take care of yourselfNolan Ritchie483
have funNolan Ritchie763
a yearNolan Ritchie552
a thousandNolan Ritchie527
earthquakeNolan Ritchie569
literatureNolan Ritchie517
landmarkNolan Ritchie552
interactionNolan Ritchie531
otherNolan Ritchie495
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