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my nameNolan Ritchie247
whatNolan Ritchie208
JapanNolan Ritchie163
it's time to eatNolan Ritchie855
i have 2 dogsNolan Ritchie368
i have a small dogNolan Ritchie338
put your hand downNolan Ritchie365
it's frightening how many earthquakes there have been recentlyNolan Ritchie299
there are a lot of earthquakes recentlyNolan Ritchie322
don't worryNolan Ritchie280
you are welcome to help meNolan Ritchie248
it's cold outsideNolan Ritchie345
popular foodNolan Ritchie1289
please translate to englishNolan Ritchie370
thank you for all the troubleNolan Ritchie233
i have a small catNolan Ritchie395
you are strong Nolan Ritchie290
i have a little catNolan593
i'm sorryNolan315
i want to be a dentistNolan621
i'm good at fightingNolan245
i hate the rainNolan433
you need to look at the blackboardNolan260
it's way too hot todayNolan428
you must not sleepNolan280
it's very cold in februaryNolan378
it was raining so i didnt go outsideNolan652
we picked flowersNolan439
i want a houseNolan417
please participateNolan268
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