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my friends celebrated my birthdayNolan690
apply directlyNolan361
yes, i have itNolan360
what time does class begin?Nolan431
i plan to see itNolan296
a message from my friendNolan651
a wise sayingNolan464
are you getting off at the next station?Angela793
it's inconvenientAngela736
i have no friendsNolan981
i'm grateful to everyoneAngela314
london is famous for its fogAngela882
i'm feeling a little tired todayAngela422
what is the weather forecast for next saturday?Angela693
she is an athleteAngela625
did you buy new shoes?Angela581
my sister was very busy yesterdayAngela301
is this your bag?Angela363
is that your bag?Angela273
before my friend comesAngela218
before it gets coldAngela590
she is good at basketballAngela612
results of evaluationAngela244
nieces and nephewsAngela639
may i use this computer?Angela375
inside the classroomAngela271
she did not even open the letter, much less read it.Angela320
i'm the one who should take responsibility for that mistakeAngela297
i visited my hometown for the first time in two yearsAngela274
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