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Empty vessels make the most noise.Richard H. Jones1097
Do you remember?Nolan Ritchie964
God existsNolan Ritchie647
Did you change your name?Nolan Ritchie678
the homework was difficultNolan Ritchie1784
i have friendsNolan Ritchie1172
message meNolan Ritchie882
have him do itNolan Ritchie906
he will be sick in bed for the weekNolan Ritchie748
he sometimes drives a carNolan Ritchie753
6 in the morningNolan Ritchie873
is your sister tall?Nolan Ritchie748
lets all work togetherNolan Ritchie860
are they living in japan?Nolan Ritchie695
that is an old bookNolan Ritchie742
it was a very interesting dayNolan Ritchie1047
when the time comes that you want to do something nice for your parents your parents will no longer be aroundNolan Ritchie1246
my phone broke so i had to buy a new one.Nolan Ritchie1152
my computer suddenly stopped workingNolan Ritchie1123
let me sleep some moreBasashimi1427
the only one who can beat me , is meBasashimi18337
i want a green bagBasashimi1060
what i want now is moneyBasashimi968
i'm not okBasashimi1173
love sickBasashimi1738
this kanji is difficultBasashimi1308
i can hear someone screamingBasashimi949
i love this movieBasashimi1018
but who caresBasashimi1153
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