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can you guess what i'm thinking?ck248
what are your symptoms ?alhumaidany_199073
i live and work here.joseph142
you don't speak french by any chance, do you?ck58
may we speak in private?ck59
we're talking to you, tom.ck59
what should we talk about?ck58
when i return, we'll talk.ck61
tom is very mean to me.ck54
tom didn't believe that mary was capable of doing such a thing.patgfisher120
give that to me, please.ck121
i went home, because he was late.msartre108
religion is a daughter of hope and fear, explaining to ignorance the nature of the unknowable.carlosalberto102
the chimney is built of bricks.khvalovsky54
they're reading a book.learnaspossible104
they're cooking.learnaspossible99
we're cooking.learnaspossible103
she's cooking.learnaspossible58
tom had to leave.jeedrek77
turkey has blocked access to twitter.guybrush8891
we all make mistakes, right?ck72
the colors of italian flag are white, red and green.khvalovsky56
italy has two mountain ranges, the alps and the apennines.khvalovsky116
please use automatic speech recognition!khvalovsky69
italy is surrounded by the mediterranian sea.n113
melanie has accidentally killed a fly.learnaspossible102
melanie likes eating pizza.learnaspossible67
i've given up on trying to surprise you.ck84
melanie killed a spider with her hand.learnaspossible126
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