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what movie are you watchingnieniecookie256
what news station do you watch?nieniecookie89
i am in love with someone who doesn't love me backnieniecookie93
not hungrynieniecookie86
you should make your own decisionnieniecookie86
hello how are younieniecookie177
you're having a laughnieniecookie60
whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.nieniecookie71
it's color is rednieniecookie77
they will have a meeting this afternoon.nieniecookie68
life being very short you ought not to waste time⌛nieniecookie63
i take a walk with my dog in the eveningnieniecookie147
as everyone stood guard silently, someone ran to the corner of the street and called over a police officer.mojo411
it was the morning rush hour, and there were a lot of passing pedestrians and cars.mojo204
millie is eating an apple.learnaspossible506
do you all want me to bring you anything?evkon112
please write me at
her answer was that she never had seen that man.connie0804134
hope that we need not to wait for a long time.connie0804122
i feel that someone tapped my shoulder.connie080491
we had seen jone swimming across the river.connie0804162
his book is red.learnaspossible214
the horse is not white.learnaspossible201
the horse is white.learnaspossible113
the horse is black.learnaspossible114
thanks for your answer.gdaniel85
thanks for your gift.gdaniel117
the milk is sour.learnaspossible200
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