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i want to live in brazil.learnaspossible684
the road was muddy and slippery.ck64
does tom know where mary is?ck57
does tom know where mary was born?ck27
this is the same hospital where tom works.ck82
watch where you're going.ck57
i overheard what you said.ck65
first the good god made man, then he made woman. after this, he took pity on man, and gave him tobacco.theocracy30
his friend is an ex-senator.guybrush88114
it was hard to get the access to the building.guybrush8821
i have to push my bike because one of the tyres is flat.patgfisher70
tom was drunk and forgot where he'd parked his car.ck107
please, write it down.ricardo1426
all that i want is you!ricardo1446
i miss you so much!ricardo1420
perceived shyness is often simply an expression of politeness in waiting to be addressed before speaking.theocracy38
stop asking yourself useless questions.ooneykcall43
a clairvoyant is a person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron — namely, that he is a blockhead.carlosalberto33
a bore is a person who talks when you wish him to listen.carlosalberto71
"i won't let you hurt my friends!" "i wasn't going to hurt your friends."ooneykcall112
his book is red.learnaspossible162
i don't believe in coincidences.marissa55
are these conditions acceptable to you?keepyoureyespeeled46
her behaviour just isn't socially acceptable.keepyoureyespeeled29
they accepted her into the club.keepyoureyespeeled22
you have to accept the inevitable.keepyoureyespeeled38
tom lives beyond his means.hybrid75
"it is written: only link can defeat ganon." "why link?" "it is written here!" "who wrote it?" "that is of no concern of yours."ooneykcall76
you're wasting your time trying to convince him.theocracy59
exactly what i said might happen, happened.ck59
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