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to give regardsVimalkumar162
pins and needles in legVimalkumar58
tomorrow we all will go for a picnicVimalkumar85
what is your name ?alhumaidany_199075
it's midday.muriloricci621
our plan flopped.harshnisar108
our complete plan got spoiled.harshnisar84
i woke up at 4 am that day.harshnisar68
i live in lahore.harshnisar84
except for sundays, he works every day.harshnisar74
i have lost my keys.harshnisar124
better to have something than nothing.harshnisar145
i will gift you a cycle on your birthday.harshnisar77
he took something out from his pocket.harshnisar104
i am looking for john.harshnisar77
you are welcome!harshnisar55
i am sorry.harshnisar78
i ask forgiveness.harshnisar66
are there enough chairs?pranjal71065
really, you are very good.pranjal71073
he jumped into water without removing his clothes.pranjal71087
all men are equal according to law.pranjal71064
don't ask him any questions about his marriagepranjal71072
good luckrkmohapatra2210
my father is my biggest source of inspiration.kbharat130794
it's written in geeta: fulfill your duties, without the desire of its fruit.kbharat130761
you can't read a story if you don't understand.guybrush8856
do you watch tv news?guybrush8895
tom already did that.ck99
there are five apples in this box.dhananjay65
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