What does 音 mean?

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Meaning portrade through (combined)
The Kanji 音 is a combination of げん(gen) say and いち(ichi) one, one radical (no.1). げん(gen) say meaning "word" it was used to mean speaking a word to God. And adding いち(ichi) one, one radical (no.1) to it, meant that, one response was heard from God. The response is a sound, so the Character has the meaning sound

How to remember
the meaning of

Meaning portrade through (my made up story)
When i see the Kanji おと(oto) sound, noise, I see the top half is a small chick crying out "pee!pee!" or whatever sound a chich makes. And the bottom half is just a hand holding it in somewhat of a fisted hand shape.

The chick is crying out and making alot of noise with all the sound he is making.

Info on the Kanji 音

What's a Kanji?
What is this? "音"


sound, noise


onyomi ON, IN
kunyomi oto, ne


stroke count 9
grade 1
jlpt level N4
Example words with 音
sound / noise / report / note / fame
ra oto
rale / rales
sound of rainfall
ei oto
english pronunciation
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Example Sentences with 音

「彼女は楽が好きだ。」 「私もそうだ。」



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