How to say in the same way, a russian might fail to see anything amusing in a joke which would make an englishman laugh to tears. in Japanese

1)これとno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verb同様同様(douyou) (adj-no,adj-na,n) identical/equal to/same/like/similarityに(ni) (prt) indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.、(、) Japanese commaイギリスイギリス(igirisu) (ateji) great britain/united kingdom人(nin) (suf) -ian/-er/man/person/peopleならなら(nara) (n) oak涙(namida) (ok) tear/tears/lachrymal secretion/sympathyを(wo) (prt) indicates direct object of action/indicates subject of causative expression/indicates an area traversed/indicates time over which action takes place/indicates point of departure or separation of action/indicates object of desire, like, hate,出し出し(dashi) (n) dashi/pretext/excuse/pretense/dupe/front manて(te) (aux) indicates continuing action笑い笑い(warai) (n) laugh/laughter/smile/sneer/sex aidsそうそう(sou) (adv) so/really/seeming/ appearing that/seeming that/looking like/having the appearance ofな(na) (prt) connects adj to noun/indicates emotion or emphasis/command/prohibition冗談冗談(joudan) (n,adj-no) jest/joke/funny storyでもでも(demo) (conj) but/however/though/nevertheless/still/yet/even so/even/however/no matter how/even if/even though/... or something/either ... or .../neither ... nor .../pseudo-/quack/in-name-only/for lack of anything better to do、(、) Japanese commaロシアロシア(roshia) (ateji) russia人(nin) (suf) -ian/-er/man/person/peopleならなら(nara) (n) oak全然全然(zenzen) (adv) not at all/wholly/entirely/completelyお(o) (int) oh!/polite prefix to the next wordもしろくないとno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verb思う思う(omou) (v5u,vt) to think/to consider/to believe/to think/to plan/to judge/to assess/to regard/to imagine/to suppose/to dream/to expect/to look forward to/to feel/to desire/to want/to recall/to rememberかもかも(kamo) (prt) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly知れno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbないない(nai) (aux-adj) not/emphatic suffix。(。) Japanese period "."    
koreto douyou ni 、 igirisu nin nara namida wo dashi te warai souna joudan demo 、 roshia nin nara zenzen omoshirokunaito omou kamo shire nai 。
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