How to say it is important for us to learn to handle defeats as well as triumphs properly. in Japanese

1)勝利勝利(shouri) (n,vs) victory/triumph/conquest/success/winは(ha) (int) indicating a subject/yes/indeed/well/ha!/what?/huh?/sighもちろんであるno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbが(ga) (prt) indicates sentence subject/indicates possessive/but/however/still/and、(、) Japanese comma敗北敗北(haiboku) (n) defeat/to be defeatedを(wo) (prt) indicates direct object of action/indicates subject of causative expression/indicates an area traversed/indicates time over which action takes place/indicates point of departure or separation of action/indicates object of desire, like, hate,上手上手(jouzu) (adj-na,n) upper part/upper stream/upper course of a river/right side of the stage/stage leftに(ni) (prt) indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.処理処理(shori) (n,vs) processing/dealing with/treatment/disposition/disposalできるようになる(exp) has become possible/is now possibleこと(prt) particle indicating a command/particle indicating mild enthusiasm/particle indicating a gentle interrogative/particle used to soften a judgment or conclusionは(ha) (int) indicating a subject/yes/indeed/well/ha!/what?/huh?/sigh、(、) Japanese comma私達私達(watashitachi) (pn,adj-no) we/usにとってにとって(nitotte) (exp) to/for/concerning/as far as ... is concerned/regarding重要重要(juuyou) (adj-na,n) important/momentous/essential/principal/majorであるである(dearu) (v5r-i) to be。(。) Japanese period "."    
shouri hamochirondearuga 、 haiboku wo jouzu ni shori dekiruyouninarukotoha 、 watashitachi nitotte juuyou dearu 。
Grammer form日常会話 (Casual form)Casual form (nichijoukaiwa)
everyday casual language, commonly used between friends and family.
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