How to say can you stop talking loudly on the phone at night? in Japanese

1)夜中夜中(yonaka) (n-t) during the night/at nightに(ni) (prt) indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.大声大声(oogoe) (n,adj-no) large voiceで(de) (prt) indicates location of action/at/in/indicates time of action/indicates means of action/cause of effect/by/and then/so/indicates continuing action/ indicates certainty, emphasis, etc.電話電話(denwa) (n,vs,adj-no) telephone call/phone call/ telephone/phoneするする(suru) (vs-i) to do/to cause to become/to make/to turn/to serve as/to act as/to work as/to wear/to judge as being/to view as being/to think of as/to treat as/to use as/to decide on/to choose/ to be sensed/to be/to be worth/to cost/to pasの(no) (prt) indicates possessive/nominalizes verbs and adjectives/substitutes for "ga" in subordinate phrases/indicates a confident conclusion/ indicates emotional emphasis/indicates question、(、) Japanese commaやめてもらえませんno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbか(ka) (prt) indicates question/indicates choice, doubt, etc.?(?) Japanese question mark    
yonaka ni oogoe de denwa suruno 、 yametemoraemasenka ?
Translation by tommy_san
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