How to say all natural objects and phenomena used to be considered as having kami, so the gods of shinto were uncountably numerous. in Japanese

1)神道神道(shintou) (n) shintoで(de) (prt) indicates location of action/at/in/indicates time of action/indicates means of action/cause of effect/by/and then/so/indicates continuing action/ indicates certainty, emphasis, etc.いういう(iu) (v5u) to say/to call/to go/to make a noise神(kami) (n) god/deity/divinity/spirit/kami/ emperor of japan/thunderは(ha) (int) indicating a subject/yes/indeed/well/ha!/what?/huh?/sigh無数無数(musuu) (n,adj-no,adj-na) countless number/infinite number/innumerableに(ni) (prt) indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.ありあり(ari) (n) ant、(、) Japanese comma初め初め(hajime) (suf) first doing of ...は(ha) (int) indicating a subject/yes/indeed/well/ha!/what?/huh?/sigh自然自然(shizen) (adj-na,n) nature/spontaneity/naturally/spontaneously物(mono) (n) stock/products/stolen goods/loot/spoilsや(ya) (prt) such things as/and ... and/the minute .../no sooner than .../punctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc./interjection expressing surprise/hi/ plain copula/ yes/what?自然現象自然現象(shizengenshou) (n,adj-no) natural phenomenonを(wo) (prt) indicates direct object of action/indicates subject of causative expression/indicates an area traversed/indicates time over which action takes place/indicates point of departure or separation of action/indicates object of desire, like, hate,も(mo) (prt) also/too/words of similar weight/about/as much as/even/more/further/other/again神(kami) (n) god/deity/divinity/spirit/kami/ emperor of japan/thunderとしていたno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verbno dictionary result, likely a conjigated verb。(。) Japanese period "."    
shintou deiu kami ha musuu niari 、 hajime ha shizen mono ya shizengenshou womo kami toshiteita 。
Grammer form日常会話 (Casual form)Casual form (nichijoukaiwa)
everyday casual language, commonly used between friends and family.
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