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three years younger than my wifeAngela298
thanks for coming to my birthday partyAngela1287
i go to school by busAngela484
tofu goes well with sakeAngela276
swimming here is prohibitedAngela269
i am not a college studentAngela310
june thirdAngela295
how was the party yesterday?Angela418
you musn't throw out that old bookAngela360
regarding the matter at handAngela488
like my grandfatherAngela280
i bought two pairs of green socksAngela302
we couldn't see a single starAngela386
not only did i forget to shut the windowAngela318
this book is way harder than that bookNolan1794
how long will everyone be in japan for?Nolan553
i do not have any brothersNolan266
i think it will be very dangerous for you to go there by yourselfNolan645
what i want is moneyNolan494
put your hands upNolan308
this one or that one, which is your pen?Nolan260
i won't say anymoreNatsumi549
it looks delicious!Natsumi2568
until when are you guys gonna stay japan?Natsumi321
the one thing that i want is moneyNatsumi307
i became 14 years oldNatsumi349
i joined a music clubNatsumi941
my japanese is badNatsumi517
speaks little englishyuki491
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