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this book is so easy even we can read itap675
i'm catholicap814
do you want go get some coffee?ap1421
stay in the house until i come homeap351
please wait for a momentap987
my tire is flatNolan261
i cannot speak japanese, but i want to learnNolan781
the strawberry ice cream was goodap800
break into a smileap664
why do you like me so much?ap1774
for sudden illnessap301
let's read it togetherap1070
my, what a delicious dish!ap880
that bag is full of applesap659
i'll recover the time i lost by studying as hard as i canap694
he can speak english better than frenchap735
please put on your skisap644
don't stand near the doorwayap871
sorry for troubling youap489
shall we play tennis in the park?ap1179
past and futureap311
it's starting to feel a lot like springap645
let's go pick strawberries tomorrowap733
please tell me when the meeting endsap624
my blood type is oap318
the back of my head hurts, on the right sideap855
sightseeing in japanap790
let's meet at asakusa tomorrow!ap685
i went abroad to study englishap608
i went out wearing a kimonoap724
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