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cough , gateベトナム 人82
show your boobベトナム 人13
femaleベトナム 人21
can i touch your beard?hybrid34
in the tourist season, many hotels raise prices.jeedrek38
she smiled a lot but she could not speak japanese.jeedrek32
this morning, my friend and i went to buy airline tickets.jeedrek35
it's my secret garden.guybrush8861
i am free tonight.alvations50
he goes by bike.alvations7
i'll be free tonight.alvations35
don't be so glum.alvations37
cheer up.alvations40
this is what i've bought in spain.alvations26
my baby wants to talk.learnaspossible132
i have two flowers.learnaspossible63
after that, i get upsteven199528
if you keep on complaining, i will get mad for real.mervert120
this is not fun.hybrid31
i'm swimming in the ocean.learnaspossible104
i want to be a journalist.learnaspossible68
i want to be a swimmer.learnaspossible32
i go to bed.learnaspossible42
the police officer accepted a bribe.hybrid23
i'm getting hot.ck34
i will go to athens.boriqa40
did the dog bark?alvations50
the dog will bark.alvations67
the cat is old.alvations64
john chased mary.alvations60
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