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what do you use this for?ck485
what do you think of emerging markets like turkey?deyta222
his way of speaking annoys me.calmanani444
the half life of actinium-224 is 2.7 hours.mervert1220
my brother has a twitter account.learnaspossible507
i want to live in brazil.learnaspossible924
she can speak both english and french.asveja268
she's better than us.guybrush88334
do you think tom wants to go to boston with us?ck215
where do you think tom bought his motorcycle?ck197
i think this is for you.ck216
should i help you?asveja243
hot, arid weather is afflicting millions in americaselfish207
do you see the garden?asveja225
they are not comming.asveja222
i've been dreaming of this trip for a long time.patgfisher264
it's midday.muriloricci676
i should have told you about this earlier.serhiy210
ukraine is a big country.serhiy257
my muscles are tense.hybrid271
my back is tense.hybrid224
this chair is made from recycled materials.hybrid242
i hate milk.theocracy310
i try to do it once a week.hybrid244
a lunar eclipse will be visible tonight.hybrid235
are you still living with your mom?hybrid239
are you still living with your parents?hybrid200
this is a peach tree. it's very pretty.hybrid238
i'm sick of talking about it.hybrid272
he drove me home.hybrid217
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