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i will not speak french with you again.cueyayotl21
before you put the knife away, please wipe it dry so that it will not rust.akuneko18
it's so expensive!akuneko38
my older sister is beautiful.akuneko42
do you know me? - no, i do not know you.akuneko24
my baby wants to talk.learnaspossible148
i like japanese girls.lathean46
they open the door.learnaspossible55
please send this document before the end of the month.trau23
i have the right to criticise.learnaspossible27
i'll go to school.learnaspossible16
my inbox is full.hybrid83
the coin is silver.learnaspossible49
i'm drinking water in the kitchen.learnaspossible104
you have to drink water.learnaspossible50
emily wrote the sentence.learnaspossible57
she translated a poem.amastan64
you speak english.learnaspossible44
god loves you.martka16
you should've let tom do what he wanted to do.ck24
i'm thai.learnaspossible70
i'm swimming in the ocean.learnaspossible125
i do not sing.learnaspossible75
do you love her?learnaspossible67
tom drove mary to the airport.ck23
tom had a farm not too far from boston.ck31
there is a mistake in the sentence.learnaspossible115
i have two cats.fjrjdk681
this is my computer.everylanguage256
is your mum at home?everylanguage147
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