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i want to live in brazil.learnaspossible740
does she have a new computer?learnaspossible59
i'm looking forward to my birthday.raggione28
tom will tell the truth.guybrush8869
i was sleeping when my train arrived at the station, so i didn't get off.guybrush8898
tom hasn't shared any public photos yet.paulp103
put a sock in it.ck64
my watch was stolen.ck52
this squirrel is afraid of heights.hybrid88
this work will certainly continue until the end of the week.fekundulo27
if a sentence may mean anything you want it to mean, it is meaningless.fekundulo70
everyone rushed over to the other side of the ship to see what was happening.ck71
i'm drinking milk.learnaspossible244
i managed to get rid of him.megamanenm25
the bag wasn't mine.guybrush8884
air pollution is a major problem.hybrid97
that's going to take a lot time.ck23
i don't need a interpreter.ck66
the three big monotheistic religions are islam, judaism and christianity.patgfisher88
it's always a pleasure to participate in an esperanto congress.theocracy45
fedora is a linux distribution.globetrotter37
jim looked left and right before he crossed the road.ck88
tom, you're hurting me!hybrid30
you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.theocracy87
pluto is not alone. it has a friend named charon.hybrid53
the children played with magnets.hybrid81
tom and mary played in the sandbox together and made sand castles.hybrid54
jupiter and saturn are gas giants.hybrid66
saturn has rings.hybrid55
mercury is the smallest of the eight planets in the solar system.hybrid48
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