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my dog is big.learnaspossible221
the boy has a horse.learnaspossible200
millie is eating an apple.learnaspossible441
don't forget to put a stamp on the letter.zerochrome44
i am busy this week because i practice driving.wakano110
i'm using the computer.balamax195
i'm here for work.alester23771
he was looking for a letter all day long.alester23763
he advised us to leave early.alester23762
shall we dance a bit?alester23780
how long will you be in korea?alester23757
is this your first time in korea?alester23746
no, this is my second time.alester23744
until when will you be in south korea?alester23753
i hate maths.astynk603
you are not an idiot!efsun66
let's go to a japanese restaurant!efsun78
the weather of japan is hotter than england's.efsun57
i went on a picnic last weekend.efsun86
you don't have much money but i'm happy because i'm with you.efsun58
let's stay friends forever.efsun1885
he always learns things.efsun56
he was lost in thought.efsun85
it seems that i'll have to wear this hat for winter.cueyayotl39
when did tom get here?ck97
in spring, there are various blooming flowers.cueyayotl63
it's nice to meet you too.cueyayotl150
have you ever loved somebody so much that it made you cry?cueyayotl64
experience life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.cueyayotl66
the elderly women can identify with her life experience.cueyayotl50
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