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tom ha freddo invece mary ha caldoUOMORAGNO278
exposed outsideUOMORAGNO85
sono assolutoUOMORAGNO78
i just said thatUOMORAGNO83
i'd like you to join my soccer teamUOMORAGNO117
i love chocolateUOMORAGNO99
that's what i just saidUOMORAGNO114
what's their name?UOMORAGNO95
the perfect end to a perfect day.UOMORAGNO73
leave him aloneUOMORAGNO78
i will be tired. UOMORAGNO73
roommate (male)UOMORAGNO77
leave it aloneUOMORAGNO102
she doesn't sleep a lotUOMORAGNO80
can i go out?UOMORAGNO121
i haven't had dinnerUOMORAGNO100
i just felt like itUOMORAGNO88
half priceUOMORAGNO87
i will be tiredUOMORAGNO92
this is an apple?UOMORAGNO88
she does not understand modern technology.guybrush88224
i don't know where mary lives.guybrush88212
she goes to school by bus.guybrush88133
i live in parma.guybrush88120
he paid a bill.guybrush88130
we were farmers.guybrush88126
that was portugal.guybrush88152
this is impossible for me.guybrush88134
would you mind leaving us alone for a minute?hybrid217
i want to live in brazil.learnaspossible845
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