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the library is to the left.learnaspossible74
i want to go fishing.learnaspossible12
we're having lunch here.learnaspossible40
my brother has a twitter account.learnaspossible217
i have a twitter account.learnaspossible125
your cat is black.learnaspossible99
i want to live in brazil.learnaspossible356
you only have two options to select.learnaspossible74
a computer is a wonderful thing.joseph74
i love butterflies.piterkeo50
i want to buy a book.learnaspossible10
the boy has a horse.learnaspossible79
he lives in england.learnaspossible651
millie isn't eating an apple.learnaspossible49
millie is eating an apple.learnaspossible202
i'm reading my book.learnaspossible26
millie has a book.learnaspossible42
why is french so difficult?guybrush8835
millie is listening to music.learnaspossible51
millie is eating bread.learnaspossible41
millie has a dog.learnaspossible52
millie loves him.learnaspossible39
millie is hungry.learnaspossible77
millie has beautiful eyes.learnaspossible62
i love you, millie!learnaspossible60
tom feeds his dog at the same time every day.ck19
this is the same hospital where tom works.ck51
the stone is heavy.learnaspossible42
the birds are red.learnaspossible57
he is returning to this town.learnaspossible49
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