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he counted till one hundred.nava138
my brother has a twitter account.learnaspossible276
i have a twitter account.learnaspossible152
a computer is a wonderful thing.joseph82
take this!joseph32
video games ruined my life, at least i still have two lives left.joseph58
you will not receive the gifts.joseph31
i can't read the letter.joseph35
what do you need that for.joseph33
he visits me every time he comes to tokyo.joseph28
let's learn english.joseph49
the man passed away a few hours ago.joseph62
the wall is 27.5 meters long.joseph44
look at this picture please.joseph48
i'll take you home in the car.joseph27
i can't tell you what we did yesterday evening.joseph39
the words fail you just when you need them.joseph39
don't talk about work at meal time.joseph31
you don't want to switch places with me?joseph27
he fed the horse.joseph30
"yes, orange juice please," mike said.joseph40
i was afraid i'd fall asleep at the wheel.joseph39
i'm listening to your heartbeat.joseph31
i was excited to tears.joseph42
i have a problem with my roommate. he eats all my food.alanf_us144
it's already almost ten p.m. it's time for bed.joseph73
i was watching tv when the phone rang.joseph60
the girl has a high voice.joseph39
i live and work here.joseph95
he heard a noise.joseph50
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